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My Story

Many years ago I was buying and selling Vinyl Records, I used to run the local indoor Boot-Sale and this is where I managed to obtain thousands of records.
When this Boot-Sale closed as the owner of the building decided to sell things went downhill a little. I had thousands of records but no way to shift them apart from opening a land based shop, this was not going to happen as prices where high on the rental front, so I stored my records and left it at that.

I moved on to other things, I got involved with a few American people online who played this game called poker, I had never heard of it but learnt by playing with play chips. I set up a chat area on a platform called PalTalk ( Still going today ) and this is where I managed to learn the game of poker with my new found American friends.
Once I learnt the game I realized that there had to be a way of making money from this and I do not mean actually playing the game. I looked into affiliation and how that worked. After a period of time I had affiliation with all the well know poker sites, if you do not know what affiliation is then it is worth researching. I had monies being sent to me by all the well know poker sites and all I had to do was build up a client base.

At the highest point I had over 10,000 people listed on my Poker Forum and each player that played I made money. It lasted for a while, and we had live land based tournaments where players from my forum and all over the world would come to play these games in the UK.
This all came to an end when the USA made gambling illegal and I lost 90% of my players. It was not time to find another outlet and a way of making a living.
In 2007 I signed up with eBay and decided I would sell my own private record collection, I did well for the first few months, in fact I did very well up until the time eBay deicded I needed to become a business, even though I was selling my second hand record collection. I folded and opened my business with them, but there ever increasing rules and fees made it almost impossible to continue. Their shop fee was just £9.99 when I signed up, but no it's £35 a massive increase and little visability. So now this is where I am selling my records on my own Website and not having to give eBay a single penny towards it.

The hardest part about running the Website is getting people to understand that the prices on eBay £ 3.49 minimum is a lot higher than I sell them for on here. People have a mindset and that is Ebay is the place to buy, well it is not. I used to buy my record mailers on eBay now I go direct to the same supplier and get them for a lot less. Shopping direst to the supplier is so much cheaper, if only eBay users took a step back and realized this.

Many thanks for reading this drivel and remember to share my website with other friends and family.

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