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Letgo App

Many of you who have bought records from me did so through Shpock. We had good sales on there but things have changed, Shpock decided I was selling to much and wanted me to take out a shop subscribtion with them, I refused to do this many times. Then a few days ago my account was restriced on their site.
So I have been trying to find an alternative that would suit my buyers.
I have spent the day working on another platform that is more or less the same as Shpock and have started listing on there.
For some reason some buyers prefer to use these platforms rather than the website, so to try and make it easier I have and will continue to list on there.
The site is called " Letgo " they have a website option if you prefer to use it on a laptop / Pc and they also have a mobile app. At the moment I have both.
To see my current listing please click here.
It works more or less the same as Shpock, you can not make offers but you do have chat to chat to make things a little easier. The App can be downloaded via Google Store, just search Letgo.


This app is a little different from Shpock but it works quite well.

How to buy on the app?

It's simply really, under each listing it will say " Hi! is this still available " by clicking that I get a message to my Laptop & Mobile phone this then allows us to chat one to one. 

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