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I have to put this out there,

 I sell Vinyl records all day everyday and I make sure the quality is top notch, my question is simple really. Why is it that buyers constantly return to E-Bay to buy rather than go direct to the Website. This applies to all sales on e-bay, is the seller has a website why is it people choose to keep returning to e-bay to buy items. I myself have many returning customers but the vast majority insist on buying on e-Bay rather than the Website.


 Are buyers aware they have the same buyer protection via Websites as they do on e-bay? I don’t think they are fully aware. You get a higher protection on a website than you do on e-bay and that is what baffles me.


 I sell my Vinyl for the same price on e-bay as I do on my website, but I offer a discount voucher every single month on my website, I can not afford to do that on e-bay. The higher cost of selling on e-bay restricts me from doing that.


 Orders via my website are posted within the hour, on e-bay it can take a day before posting? So why order from e-bay? I really struggle to understand the mentality sometimes. Don’t get me wrong I do get buyers on here but the vast majority still return to e-bay. I add a leaflet to all my e-bay orders directing people to my website but it still makes no difference.

 Answers on a postcode please.

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