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Have you received a leaflet from us?

 The chances are you have if you have bought from us via our Ebay listings. You may have noticed that our prices are the same on our site as they are on our listing on the auction site. But here we run a discount code that changes every month. As I type this the discount code is set at 30% this month. That will change next month as it does every month.

 You will have noticed our fast post service we supply via the auction site, well it is no different here on our own website. You get the same service and standard here as you do there. We know it can be hard for buyers to understand that buying direct from a website is not the same as an auction site, in fact it is easier. On the auction site you have to look through all the listings, here on the website all you have to is enter the artist / song you are looking for, if we have it in stock it will show right up.

 Our website has been running for just over 14 months and in that time many of our auction site regulars have moved over with us and now purchase direct. I do the same now when I need record mailers and so on. I buy direct from the supplier, I get a much better service and at much lower prices, this is what allows us to offer discount codes every month.

Supporting the small business goes a long way in keeping prices lower than ever, my website has no where near the added extras that the auction site requires.

 I have been asked why I no longer run a store on the auction site? That is a very easy question to answer, I have in stock roughly around 5000 seven inch records. A shop on the auction site would run into the hundreds of pounds a month, and I mean hundreds. To the point many sellers ( Long Time) are closing their shops down, and this is being done at a daily rate.

 So in closing if this is your first visit to our little website it will be because you have a leaflet in front of you after you have just opened your latest purchase from us via the auction site. Let’s say you paid £3.49 for that single you are now holding. This month it would have been 30% cheaper if you bought it direct from the website.

 So here is a small example.

This month a customer of ours, let’s call him Tommy, placed an order for £176.00

This is what it would have cost on the auction site, no discount.

By ordering direct he paid £123.20 a massive saving of £52.80

Don’t get me wrong the discount code does change every month so it will not always be that high, but you never know unless you visit the site. On some occasions we do give individual customers ( Regular ) their own discount code.

 Again we would like to thank all those who now shop with is direct.



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