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Welcome to The1store, Vinyl Records


What is The1store?

Many of us remember playing our favourite 45’s when we got home from school or rushing out to Woolworth & Our Price to grab the latest chart hits. When looking back some of those buys are starting to look a little suspect. But remember one thing what may not be your taste may be someone else’s taste. As the 7 Inch as it was called then is as popular today as it was back then.

The introduction of double a sides and the picture cover and then coloured Vinyl made collecting a very popular thing and many collectors have hundreds of thousands of them. I started collecting when I was just a boy and still buy for my collection, but in this day and age many collectors are slimming down their stock.

The1store mainly deal in the 45 ( 7 Inch ) records. I say record because some collectors hate the name Vinyl. Back in the day they where sold as records not Vinyl.

By looking through our site you will see a wide and varied selection, we stock all types of genre from the novelty record to the more collectable. Our prices we consider are fair compared to other sites and most auction sites. We also play test every single record we list. We do not use a grading system as we only list records we consider fit for purpose.



There is a search box on the site that makes it easier for you to locate what you are looking for, either enter the artist or title of the record you are looking for, if we have it, it will show up. All records are posted using professional record mailers. We also post all 45’s within the hour as we are located very near to the post office.

It is important to note that we move around 40-50 records a day and stock does not sit on the shelves for long. We add new stock as and when we get it. If we do not have what you want one day it may be there the next ( keep checking back )

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Richard Green ( The1store )

From time to time we do pick up some rare records, these are obviously priced a little higher than our average price.
I have sold some singles for hundreds of pounds and some for thousands, the rarer the record the higher the price.

On the majority of other selling platforms the seller has overheads, and far to often over price their records to cover that. Here on my Website
the overheads are minimal hence why we can offer our records are competative prices.

The client base is growing and many records do not stay in stock for long, but not everyone is looking for the rare records
most are looking to add to their collection, this is why I feel my Website offers what buyers are now looking for.

The rise in Vinyl Record sales only tells you people have lost interest in Cd's and downloading music, they need to actually see the item infront of them.

Please feel free to contact me at anytime via this address: [email protected] even if it is just a question you need an answer to, we are here to help. 
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We have only just set this up so no members at the moment, be the first.
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